Saturday, August 3, 2013

Vinyl Continues It's Amazing Resurgence; CD Sales Remain In Sharp Decline

Lions - This Generation 8x7" Box Set W/Download (2012)

This well-written article from Playboy underscores the resurgence of vinyl once again. It's clear as a bell now for anyone but the most casual music fans: CD's will die, and vinyl will live on. Vinyl sounds and looks better and has a much higher cool factor as well. Add in the free downloads now being included with most new vinyl purchases, and there's really no comparison between the two formats anymore. Look for vinyl to continue to pick up legions of new fans as they gradually discover it's positive qualities.


  1. "CD's will die"; yes, well the trend is going that way as everyone turns to electronic formats. But don't think for one minute vinyl will reclaim it's position in the mainstream market like it did over 30 years ago. If anything it's nostalgia that is bringing back some interest. I can't see mainstream manufacturers flooding the market with record players and retail stores carrying the massive inventory to house them. People are trying to get away from their HUGE vinyl collections which take up valuable space. And vinyl is brittle, can crack and warp, can get worn out through excessive play. Don't kid yourself, it's just a fad. A small one. Mainly for nostalgia collectors and club DJ's (who still use turntables).

  2. CDs ain't dying any time soon. As for Vinyl, yeah it's vintage but you can't go back from where you started when technology is moving to ipods and other equipment to listen music from.