Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Moving a Record Store Part 3: The Final Chapter.

We have been in our new location for about 10 days now and all aspects of the move are completed. All the shelving and vinyl have been moved and we have spent the last week or so getting organized in the new space. The pictures that follow were all taken over the last couple of weeks as the final steps of the move were completed.

Part 2 of the series focused on one really tall record shelf. Soon afterwards, the first of three large shelves were moved. Here's what it would have looked like in the first aisle after moving the shelf, and filling it with in stock titles.

We had to start filling up the big shelf with records, and we did that the very next day.

A few days later, another large double-sided record shelf was moved and reconstructed in the new digs. Our helpers Travis and Joey were ready to rock. It's too bad we can't move these shelves with the records on them, but I don't know many people (or groups of people) who can lift 11,000 pounds. These guys were extremely efficient and the only job left for me was to supervise. A job well done!

Meanwhile, back at the old location 10 feet down the hallway, it looked like a tornado went through. Still lots of stuff to do, but the bulk of the heavy lifting is done at this point. 

This move gave us a prime opportunity to do some much needed house cleaning. The records were neatly arranged in the new office gradually as the move happened. Just look at these beautifully organized rows of records!

Some of our stuff made it over quickly and with little regard for organization. These are just empty boxes, and it took only a few minutes to clean this up. Below this mess is our new record sorting area!

It's right next to the shipping tables.

The morning after, looking past boxes of house and hip hop records in the new location. It looks kind of tight from this angle, but there's enough room to move around.

We have coffee!

We should probably clean up the old office too, eh?

Done and done! Ready for a new tenant.

And finally some time to custom mount one of the Technics 1200 MK-2 turntables. It may not be the most attractive install, but it's very functional! Playing records without leaving the desk doesn't hurt at all.

We have all worked tirelessly in the past few weeks, and we are happy to have all of this moving stuff behind us. Now we can get back to work! A huge thank you to Joey and Travis - it was their efforts that made this move possible. Going forward, we'll be able to serve our customers even better from our new location.


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