Friday, December 30, 2011

Moving a Record Store Part 2: One Really Tall Record Shelf

Just an empty, lonely wall now.
Something is missing here. Could it be the 12 foot high record shelf that used to grace this wall?

Soon, this massive 12' record shelf will be filled with records.
TA-DA! Now in place in our new location. It didn't really take that much to move this monster. It took just a couple hours to deconstruct and reconstruct it. I would not recommend doing it yourself - these record shelves are very heavy. To make this happen, Joey and I had to break the shelf down into three sections, and tip these sideways to get them through the doorway. Looks nice and sturdy, eh? If every section was filled, this shelf alone would hold about 15,000 records.

Stay tuned for Part 3, when the heavy stuff starts to get moved. The vinyl.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Moving a Record Store Part 1: So Fresh and So Clean

We are not moving to a deluxe apartment in the sky, but we are moving this record business. Our new location is about 10 feet from our previous location. In fact, it's right next door. It features both a separated office area, and a small retail area. Walk-ins are welcome!

We agreed to take the space about a week ago. The first thing we did is put carpet in the office room. One double record shelf was split into two single 12 foot shelves, and these shelves line the office walls. A couple of shelves were removed to account for the window looking into the retail area.

A record shelf with a window. Ever seen that?

It's perfect. Nice and clean.
A spacious office with an interior window. It's something I never would have thought to request, but actually I think it will work well. It's certainly much better than ring bell for service.

The back room is where the records will be stored, shelved, cleaned, sorted, and shipped. In the new spot, we're getting a nice square space that just happens to fit about 95% of our shelves perfectly. I'm no architect, but I was certainly patting myself on the back when I found the perfect configuration to get most of our shelves into a smaller space. I'd attribute this success mostly to graph paper.

The unofficial floor plan of the new office.

Large empty space - for now.

That's a lot of vinyl!
Here's a nice full view of our current situation. There's quite a bit to move. See that 12' high wall of records in the back? It's 17 feet long - I measured it. And the dark room (5' x 8') next to the white board hung on the gray door in the back? Both are solid vinyl. This is the amount of vinyl that would stop bullets. Our do-it-all specialist Joey is quite happy about the move, and I am too. But, at this point, a lot of work has to be done. It should be interesting to see this move progress from where it is now to where it has to be.

Check back soon for Part 2. We're going after that 12 footer in the back and whatever else we can drag along.

Merry Christmas from Metrowax, A DJ Yoda Christmas Mix

Hello all. I know it's a couple of days late here, but I just found this really great Christmas mix I wanted to share.

DJ Yoda - Five Minute Christmas Mini-Mix

Merry Christmas from Metrowax Records!