Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rare find: Big Magnetic on Renegade Records, Brooklyn NY

Artist: Big Magnetic
Title: Different Strokes / Who Got Da Flow
Label: Renegade Records, Brooklyn, New York
Year: 1994

This record is straight fire. Absolutely, positively, certified dope hip hop. When I first dropped the needle on it, I honestly could not believe my ears. The A-side:

Big Magnetic - Different Strokes

My personal favorite is the B-side track "Who Got Da Flow".

Nothing else to show you - the rest must be heard. Maybe someday we'll drop the whole song for you, but for now, just a clip:

Despite how dope this record is, I can't afford to keep it. Besides, I run a record store, not a record museum. I have it up for auction right now. No, I am not kidding. This is probably the best record we have ever found.

UPDATE: This record has sold. Congratulations to a very lucky buyer from Japan.


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