Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mixtape Download: Solar Powered Space Trees

Solar Powered Space Trees Mixtape by rchecka

I have to say, before I heard this mix for this first time, I thought it was going to be a bit nerdy. And it is a little bit nerdy - but in a very creative and good-sounding way. Super part-time Metrowax employee and avid crate digger rchecka dropped a gem on 'em. There's some really good quality (and rare) cosmic funk, and spacey disco tracks on this mix. Even Captain Rock makes an appearance with some classic electro. There's also some great unexpected rare gems, and some rchecka original beats and blends as well. How about a hip hop mash-up of the Star Wars theme? Check. I recommend that you download Solar Powered Space Trees now (free download) and give it a listen. It's getting some rave reviews from those who have peeped it!

Take a moment and visit the Official Periodic Forum to share your thoughts on the mix, and watch the totally tricked out video trailer for Solar Powered Space Trees.

Also, this is just too damn funny to ignore:

The Butt Crack Tree


  1. raging mix - love it!

    Miss Q

  2. Thanks for the feedback Miss Q, I appreciate the words!