Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Best 15 Freestyle Songs Ever Made

Freestyle music has always been hot, but after this list of the Top 15 Freestyle Tracks, you'll like it even more. They just don't make 'em like this anymore, and you don't have to be 30-something to appreciate these classics. Here's my version of the top 15 all-time freestyle tracks, and the vinyl record prices for the 12" single (original pressing, excellent condition):

15. Noel - Silent Morning (1987). I have probably sold this vinyl a hundred times. Who else can say that? Price of Vinyl: $5.00

14. George LaMond - Bad Of The Heart (1990). A jam that pushed freestyle a little more towards the mainstream. Price of Vinyl: $3.00


13. Timmy T - Time After Time (1989). A personal favorite. I think I blew some speakers on this track if I remember right. The bass hits pretty hard. Price of Vinyl: $5.00

12. Nice And Wild - Diamond Girl (1987). A little bit cheesy, but still catchy. One of the first freestyle tracks picked up by a major label, Atlantic Records. Price of Vinyl 12": $10.00

11. Expose - Come Go With Me (1986). One of the classics that helped put freestyle music on the map. Price of Vinyl 12": $3.00

10. Pajama Party - Yo No Se (1988). Another well respected freestyle classic. Price of Vinyl 12": $3.00

9. Johnny O - Fantasy Girl (1988). Johnny O had a lot of great hits. This is his best one. Price of Vinyl 12": $7.00

8. Company B - Fascinated (Spellbound Mix) (1987). A major club hit and still played out all over the world, even today. Price of Vinyl 12": $3.00

7. Lisette Melendez - Together Forever (1990). A big time hit and a more polished freestyle song than some of the earlier hits. Price of Vinyl 12": $3.00

6. Shayme - Summer Night (1993). I have seen this on vinyl exactly once. What a Shayme, because I'd like a copy for myself. A truly great and rare freestyle jam. Price of Vinyl 12": $25.00

5. Cynthia - Endless Night (1989). Cynthia was a Micmac Records artist who dropped a gang of freestyle jams. This is considered by many to be her best effort. Price of Vinyl 12": $3.00

4. Collage - I'll Be Loving You (1993). A very well produced freestyle track produced by Adam Marano. One of the best on Viper 7 Records. Price of Vinyl 12": $8.00

3. Lil Suzy - Take Me In Your Arms (1991). Aided with production from the great Tony Garcia, this track was one of the top freestyle hits. A classic for sure. Price of Vinyl 12": $6.00

2. Face feat. Charlie Rock - Happy Days (1992). Another record I can't seem to find very often. Great, must own freestyle. Added distinction for Happy Days, since it's the only original track in the list with a rap verse. Price of Vinyl 12": $25.00

1. Stevie B - Spring Love (1989). The infectious bassline combined with the fact it's my favorite make this the number one track on the Top 15 Freestyle Tracks list. Price of Vinyl 12": $5.00

I actually found the original video!

Bonus: A sweet X-Mix Remix of Spring Love, a little faster-paced:

Also: Check out this remix! Stevie B With Pitbull!

Celebra Música Freestyle!

Dig for classic freestyle records now at Metrowax.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

An Odd Future Is Coming

Prior to today, I had not heard much about the Odd Future crew. After I listened to "Yonkers" I was struck by how creative and different it is. I agree with my roll dog that called it some "confusing ass baller music", which it is, but the lyrical talent is there nonetheless. Tyler The Creator is only 19 years old, and he's another dope and youthful MC to make a come up recently. Tired old rappers like Busta Rhymes, Too Short, Jay-Z, and KRS-One need to step aside and let the new blood take it over for awhile. Check out the video for Yonkers, 8,000,000 views (and counting) can't be wrong:

This is hilarious too. He called Phil Mickelson a nigga. I'm gonna play golf now. For more, roll on over to the Odd Future website.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mixtape Download: Solar Powered Space Trees

Solar Powered Space Trees Mixtape by rchecka

I have to say, before I heard this mix for this first time, I thought it was going to be a bit nerdy. And it is a little bit nerdy - but in a very creative and good-sounding way. Super part-time Metrowax employee and avid crate digger rchecka dropped a gem on 'em. There's some really good quality (and rare) cosmic funk, and spacey disco tracks on this mix. Even Captain Rock makes an appearance with some classic electro. There's also some great unexpected rare gems, and some rchecka original beats and blends as well. How about a hip hop mash-up of the Star Wars theme? Check. I recommend that you download Solar Powered Space Trees now (free download) and give it a listen. It's getting some rave reviews from those who have peeped it!

Take a moment and visit the Official Periodic Forum to share your thoughts on the mix, and watch the totally tricked out video trailer for Solar Powered Space Trees.

Also, this is just too damn funny to ignore:

The Butt Crack Tree