Sunday, April 3, 2011

Average Music for Average People Rules the Day

Record stores make a list of 10 Dying U.S. Industries, with 80% closing down in the past decade. Others that made the list are DVD, game & video rental, newspaper publishing, and photofinishing. Do all you can to support your local independent music store, because someday, it may be gone.

Certainly there's been a revolution in the way that average people consume all media, including music. The problem that vinyl collectors see better than most is that all you can download nowadays is average music that most people already own. I conclude that vinyl collectors are decidedly above average in regards to their musical tastes and consumption.

Downloading music provides only convenience. The connection to the music is weakened, and the overall experience is subdued at best. Vinyl not only enhances your experience, it is an experience in itself. Vinyl collectors understand the difference.

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If your store already left town, you are left with a long drive to the next city over that still has one, or online retailers like us.