Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Nice List of 20 Vinyl Record Collecting Blogs

Here's a nice consolidated list of 20 popular vinyl record collecting blogs. I already see one blog that I will be reading often - it's called Dust & Grooves. Check out their Facebook page as well. It's cool to see all of the vinyl collectors holding their new purchases!

We're still the NKOTB in the record collecting blogosphere, but we feel that we should have been considered for this list. Maybe next time?


  1. Hi.
    My name is Kara & I'm from Alberta, Canada. I am helping a retired friend go through his things. He has several boxes of records - 33 1/3's, 45's, 78's. Is there collectors, stores, etc in western Canada (bc - manitoba) that may be interested in buying? please email me at tsivkd@gmail.com

    Thank you, :)

  2. Hey, I've got a vinyl record collecting blog that I think has quite an original slant, would be great if anyone could take a look!


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