Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Nice List of 20 Vinyl Record Collecting Blogs

Here's a nice consolidated list of 20 popular vinyl record collecting blogs. I already see one blog that I will be reading often - it's called Dust & Grooves. Check out their Facebook page as well. It's cool to see all of the vinyl collectors holding their new purchases!

We're still the NKOTB in the record collecting blogosphere, but we feel that we should have been considered for this list. Maybe next time?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cyber Monday Deals Hit The Spot

There's about 325 pounds of records loaded on this cart.

The 2010 Cyber Monday specials at Metrowax Records were a great success! We sold at last count about 2335 records (over TWO THOUSAND!), which lightens our load by about 970 pounds. Granted, we were only getting a quarter for most of them, but it will help us by removing some dead stock and freeing up some space. Not to mention we've had a lot of positive feedback from our customers, who really appreciate having an opportunity to buy wax at dirt cheap prices. We love to be loved.

We appreciate your loyalty and you know we'll be running more stupid and crazy discounts due to the sheer volume of wax we possess. If you are looking for deals on used records, especially if you are into hip hop, house, 80's and other stuff we're into, you are in luck!

We do apologize for any delays that this huge sale may have caused in our shipping. We are dealing the best we can right now and I would expect we'll be fully caught up by Thursday or Friday.

Here they go, rolling down the hallway yesterday afternoon.

On to the freight elevator, and then the post office! Of course it's snowing today.