Friday, October 1, 2010

Record Quotations

Our Current Quote: Taken From DJ Shadow - Right Time (Z-Trip 'Set the Party Off In 3 Parts Remix)

See this quote on the homepage.
The Metrowax crew really loves records. A lot. So naturally it goes without saying that we love hearing lyrics written by an artist who understands this passion, and sings or raps about how cool records are. Occasionally we post those lyric quotes on our website in the upper-right hoping our diggers will also enjoy the quote. We'd like to change that quote every month, but you really have to listen to a lot of records attentively to catch these few and far in-between quotables.

Maybe our readers can help us flip our front page quote more frequently.

We are looking for short, (preferably under 16 words) witty quotes from any artist of any genre, proclaiming their appreciation of records. Any help from your collective comments will be greatly appreciated!

So think back to one of the coolest quotes about records that you have ever heard, and share it with us here by commenting.

Thanks in advance,
rchecka and the rest of the Metrowax Team.

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