Friday, October 8, 2010

Drinking Beer and Mixing Records Doesn't Mix, Unless...

...Unless you have a beer holder nearby!

The idea of protecting my decks from sloppy beer drinking became known to me one night of amateur-hour scratching years ago. I got a little too vicious on the ones and twos and my slipmats got drenched with Leinenkugel's. The solution was a simple one; build a beer holder to assure my bottle was placed in a fool-proof, tip-proof slot! I had the scrap wood and tools, so I went to work with these beer holder plans. This is very easy to make, so I'm sharing em with my fellow sloppy DJs as requested by 'anonymous' below, here are the plans so now you too can build your own beer holder for your studio!

Note: These plans are specific for a standard 12 oz bottle of beer. To: Anonymous, you can modify these plans by getting a bigger hole saw that fit a 40 oz. they do make hole saws that big, they are just harder to find.

Basic Instructions:

Find some 1X4" wood boards roughly 2 feet in length (for mistakes). Cut two 1" pieces for extra support underneath. The holder itself is the same size as the shelf that holds the bottle, so you can use it as a template for the bottom shelf. Instead of putting holes on the bottom shelf (obviously) use that hole saw to cut-out cork board for coasters. The hole saw is the same size as the bottle, so you should also get a sanding dowel the same size, sand down the holes so the beer slides in easily. I used my drill to attach the round sanding dowel to it and spun it in the holes and in no time, the hole was large enough. After a little sandi
ng, and maybe paint, screw it in the wall or shelf near your decks and it's done!

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